What is webroot.com/safe?

What actually webroot.com/safe is? The answer is, it’s antivirus software that protects your device from cyber viruses and spyware. It is the world’s largest online cybersecurity system. This actually works for any device like PC, laptops, smartphones, etc. It is also the cheapest antivirus software available in the country like the united states. Webroot provides cloud threat intelligence services. It can also handle the largest cybersecurity system too.

Activate Webroot step by step

Account creation


  • Use a pc containing a high-speed internet connection. In the browser of the pc enter the link webroot.com/safe or webroot Registration.
  • When the page opens there will be two options one is login and the other is Create an account.
  • If you are a new user then click on the create an account option. Further,r the form will appear.
  • The form contains information that you have to fill. It asks for your name, email address, keycode, password,d, etc.
  • Fill in all those credentials required and then submit the form.
  • The steps for account creation are over.


  • After creating an account successfully the next step comes that is the verification step.
  • You will get a link via email and you have to click on that link.
  • A page appears that consists of a box that will ask you to enter the first and second characters of the keycode.
  • Enter the keycode and submit it. The verification step is complete. The account is successfully verified.

Download Software

  • Firstly on the browser of your PC enter the link webroot.com/safe secure anywhere for Pc and the download page appears.
  • Then click on the download option present on that page and the download process starts.
  • The software will be downloaded into your browser’s download box. Check the download process into the download box whether it is completed or not.
  • Here the download is successful.

Software Installation

  1. Go into the download tab of your browser and click on the downloaded software.
  2. The box will pop up and drag the secure anywhere icon into an application folder and double click on the application folder.
  3. An application folder will pop up in that folder double click on the secure anywhere option.
  4. Then enter the 20 digit key code and click on the Activate option.
  5. After that for making any changes enter your email address and password that was being entered during creating an account or registration and click on Agree and Install option.
  6. After that, it verifies and clicks on the Install option and it shows activation successful.
  7. Then click on Scan Now option. The software will scan whole files in your PC and finds any virus or spyware.
  8. If the software finds any threat it moves the file into quarantine and protects it from viruses.
  9. Further, it will automatically scan the pc whenever required.
  10. Here the installation process is completed.

Webroot.com/safe Keycodeactivate webroot safe

The keycode www.webroot.com/safe is 20 characters. You can buy it online or retail store. If you buy online the keycode will be provided via email and if you buy it through a  retail store then you will get it in the setup box. The Keycode is used to check whether you have purchased the secure anywhere antivirus software.

Start your Free trial

  • You can also take a free trial of the secure anywhere antivirus by activating it. The free trial is of 14 days.
  • When you install the software it will ask you for 14 days free trial option. Click on that option.
  • After that, they will ask for your name, your email address, and your country. Then click on the  Agree box and press the start free trial option. The scanning starts automatically for 14 days.
  • Your free trial is activated.

How to uninstall Webroot.com/safe secure anywhere from Mac

  • Firstly open your desktop of your PC and then click on the Start button on the lower left side of the desktop.
  • Then click the control panel option and the control panel opens.
  • Then on the upper right corner select the option view by category and then scroll down.
  • After that click on the Programs option that consists of uninstall the program option.
  • Then the list of programs will display on our desktop screen.
  • In that list click on the www.webroot.com/safe secure anywhere program.
  • When you click on webroot secure anywhere above the programs Uninstall option appears, click on the Uninstall option and then click on Yes option.
  • After that, you have to enter the captcha shown on the screen for successful uninstallation.
  • Again go on the program page and right-click on webroot secure anywhere and click on the Uninstall option.
  • Here your uninstallation process ends.